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Community life at Perth Bible College

At Perth Bible College, we believe that community is key. For this reason, we intentionally develop the community at the College, aiming to provide students with more than just an education, but an experience designed to ensure they flourish. To accomplish this, PBC utilises a range of activities, including weekly devotions, community lunches, and a range of events coordinated by the student council. 

Community Meals

On each normal lecturing day, PBC provides a community lunch for its students and staff. Through these lunches, students and staff alike are encouraged to share a meal together and build relationship with one another, strengthening the community at PBC as a whole whilst ensuring each individual student has opportunity to further develop their peer support networks. Though the pandemic has meant we have had to cancel these lunches, we are excited to start them again once life returns to the new ‘normal’. 


Technology has played a significant role in the life at PBC, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the College to expand its online capabilities. Though the increased focus on online learning has means greater levels of accessibility and flexibility for our students, it also creates a risk to our much-loved community focus. 

For this reason, the College utilises that same technology as a means to increase community. By connecting online students with each other, we aim to encourage social connection outside of the classroom, whether that be a cup of coffee over Zoom, or a face-to-face catch up. We want technology to be means in increasing the strength of our community. 

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