All Students

The specific requirements for studying at Perth Bible College vary depending on the course of study that you are wishing to undertake. The following requirements, however, are incumbent upon all applicants

Personal & Spiritual Requirements

Students will be required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Confess their faith in Christ in accordance with the PBC Statement of Faith.
  2. Be involved regularly in a local church.
  3. Demonstrate a desire to be involved in church ministry.
  4. Demonstrate physical and psychological capacity for studying in a tertiary institution.
  5. Agree to abide by PBC policies and procedures. Also see Student Handbook.
  6. Agree to abide by the PBC Student Code of Conduct.

Equal Opportunity

PBC does not discriminate in the admission and access to its programmes and activities on the basis of handicap, age, sex, race, colour, national or ethnic origin. We look forward to meeting you!

International Students

General Requirements

To be considered for entry to Perth Bible College as a student you must meet the following requirements, which are standard for all overseas students seeking to study in Australia:

  • Be applying for full-time study.
  • Be academically qualified for entry into the course.
  • Have an adequate standard of English.
  • Have enough money to cover all expenses during your entire stay in Australia, including return air fares, and living costs.
  • Be genuinely seeking temporary entry for study purposes only.
  • Be of good health.
  • Be sponsored/supported by your local church (a PBC requirement)

Financial Requirements

To be eligible to come you must be able to show that you have enough money to pay the cost of your education, return fares and living costs in Australia for the total period of your course. When you apply, you must sign a declaration that you or your Parent or Guardian have the money to pay these costs. If you come to Australia and you cannot pay the costs or support yourself, you may be required to leave the country.

Health Requirements

Students need to be in good health. Most overseas students must have a medical test and x-ray examination. The Australian Diplomatic Mission in your country will advise you regarding these. While you are a student in Australia, you will be required to take out medical insurance under the Australian Government’s Medicare Scheme (single student, $174, family $348, per 6 months).

English Requirements

The Australian Government requires incoming International students to demonstrate their proficiency in English before a student visa will be granted.  You are required to complete an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) unless you can provide evidence of studying in English from one of the following options:

  • At least five years of study in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States,
  • Successful completion in Australia of a foundation course, Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or substantial part of a Certificate IV or higher level qualification, from the Australian Qualifications Framework within two years of your application date.

The applicant should ask the testing authority to mail the test results directly to: The Dean of Students, Perth Bible College. The following standards have been set as the English language requirements for Perth Bible College courses:

Undergraduate Diploma – IELTS Band Score: 6.0
Advanced Diploma – IELTS Band Score: 6.0
Bachelor – IELTS Band Score: 6.5
Graduate Diploma – IELTS Band Score: 7.0
Masters – IELTS Band Score: 7.0

Sponsorship Requirements

Applications from overseas students wishing to undertake training at Perth Bible College should be supported by evidence of sponsorship from a Church in the applicant’s home country. This sponsorship should take the form of a written recommendation to the College and include the following details:

  • Details regarding the applicant’s spiritual character.
  • State that the student is suitable for the intended studies.
  • Evidence that the applicant has a long-term commitment to Christian ministry and the local church.
  • Indicate any financial support.

Part-Time, External and Audit Students

We advise all Australian non-citizens to contact the Australian Immigration authorities to ensure undertaking part-time, external, or audit studies at PBC does not breach any requirements or restrictions of your current visa.