Course Fees

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Fees for 2019

Course Per Unit Per Semester Per Year
Diploma (per 3hr subject) $1,980 $7,920 $15,840
Advanced Diploma (per 3hr subject) $1,980 $7,920 $15,840
Bachelor (per 3hr subject) $1,980 $7,920 $15,840
PBC Certificate – Assessed $495
PBC Audit only $250
PBC Audit – Moodle & Library access $395
MI501 Ministry in a cross cultural context $3,000 per unit for associated travel, food, and accommodation costs
Miscellaneous Fees
Full Time Student Council Fee (per semester) 100.00
Part Time Student Council Fee (per semester) $50.00
Overseas Application Fee $450
Overseas Semester Enrollment Fee $300 per semester

Fees include library usage, three lunches each week, but do not include textbooks, student council fee etc.

Transcript Fee Pre 2005 $60.00 Post 2005 $30.00 Parchment Fee $50.00


The spouse of a full-time student receives a 50% discount on their course fees if studying for credit.
The spouse of a full time student can audit 2 subjects for free, and will then pay in full for extra audit units.
Staff and their families receive a 50% discount off their fees.

Payment Methods

Fees can be paid in the following ways:

  • In full at the beginning of each semester. (Credit Card Payments add 2.5%)
  • Using FEE-HELP.
  • Part cash and part using FEE-HELP. (Credit Card Payments add 2.5%)

Please note that miscellaneous fees and text-books must be paid for up front.

Refund Policy

Students withdrawing prior to the census date (the end of week four) will receive a full refund.
Students who notify their withdrawal from a subject after the census date will receive no refund.

Download the PBC Refund Policy.