The Advanced Diploma of Ministry offers both full-time and part-time study status, and is fully accredited, Austudy approved, and Fee-Help approved (for Australian Citizens). The course structure is based on two semesters (15-week duration each), with four units taught in each semester. It comprises of:

  • 8 first year core units
  • a study skills unit
  • 10 core second and third-year units
  • 4 ministry specialisation units
  • 2 field placement capstone units
  • 2 elective units.

Each unit carries 3 credit points, and graduates require a total of 72 credit points to complete the course successfully.

Study pathways include Bachelor of Ministry

Career pathways include Chaplain, Preacher, Youth Leader, Ministry Leader, Associate Pastor and Cross-Cultural Leader.

Study Skills and Study Ready units are provided by the college at the beginning of each semester to ensure a smooth transition for students.

Essential requirements for admission

Every candidate must:

  • Be a Christian, 17 years or older
  • Overseas students must be 18 years or older.

All students will also be required to demonstrate English Proficiency, which is equivalent to an academic IELTS band of 6.0 overall and in reading and writing subset. This can be demonstrated by either:

  • Evidence of the completion of studies undertaken only in the English language
  • Evidence of the completion of English studies undertaken at TAFE or an equivalent institution
  • Completion of an external assessment of English language, for example, an IELTS (Academic Version)

Admission criteria

PBC offers a place to any applicant with an ATAR.

Applicants with higher education study

Applicants who have undertaken higher education are selected and accepted if they have completed year 12 in the Australian school system or equivalent with an ATAR of 50 or equivalent.

Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study.

Applicants who have other acceptable post-secondary qualifications completed in Australia (e.g. any VET Diploma, PBC Diploma of Ministry).

Applicants with recent secondary education

Applicants have other acceptable post-secondary qualifications (e.g. Cert IV or above in any field).

Applicants with work and life experience

Applicants qualify for admission as a mature age student by obtaining a satisfactory grade in both the Written English (at least 130) and Multiple Choice (at least 125) sections of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) conducted by the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre Inc.

How to apply

Applicants who wish to apply for a course offered by Perth Bible College should do so via direct application to the institution. The application process can vary between two weeks to six months or more. A two week turn around for an application is dependent upon receiving all required information from the applicant and referees.

Advanced standing/academic credit/recognition of prior learning

To obtain recognition of prior learning, applicants must provide documentary evidence of appropriate previous tertiary study and/or relevant practical experience. Such study and/or experience must be in accordance with the objectives of the relevant course and demonstrate how the applicant has achieved relevant outcomes. Each student’s prior qualifications and/or area of experience are considered for credit on a case by case basis by the Dean of Studies in consultation with the Dean of Academics and Research or the Principal. This process helps to maximise the credit offered while maintaining the integrity of qualification outcomes and discipline requirements of the course to which the credit is to be granted.

Perth Bible College currently offers 8 credit points towards a Bachelor of Ministry for a Diploma of Ministry or equivalent. Applicants who have completed an Advanced Diploma or equivalent will be offered up to 16 credit points towards a Bachelor of Ministry.

Student Profile

The table below gives an indication of the likely peer cohort for new students at Perth Bible College. It provides data on students that commenced undergraduate study and passed the census date in the most relevant recent intake period for which data are available, including international students studying in Australia.

Applicant Background Semester One/Full Year Intake
Number of students Percentage of all students
Past higher education study l/n l/n
Past vocational education and training (VET) study l/n l/n
Recent secondary education l/n l/n
Work and Life experience l/n l/n
International Students l/n l/n
All Students l/n l/n


L/N – Low numbers: the number of students is less than 5.
N/A – Data not available for this item.
N/P – Not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with less than 5 students.

Where to get further information

More information can be found on the Advanced Diploma of Ministry page.