Professional Development

Professional Development at PBC

PBC believes in the importance of continual learning for all people, regardless of their qualifications or level of experience. For this reason, many of our units are available for people to take as part of their professional development, rather than as being a part of an accredited course.


It currently costs $500 to complete one of our units as professional development.

The cost provides professionals access to the lecture, the online content and the library. At the end of the semester, participants are provided with a certificate as proof of completion of the unit. 

Please note, the cost of completing an intensive unit for professional development may vary. 

For more information, please contact the College.


As part of the increasing demand for short courses, PBC is currently exploring options for accredited microcredentials. The aim of these microcredentials is to provide ongoing learning that adhere to a national standard and are quality assured. By completing multiple microcredentials, students will also be able to credit these to a larger degree. 

Check in here to see when these microcredentials are developed.

To find out more, or to enrol in a PD course, contact us now.

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