Perth Bible College offers a range of courses for both domestic and overseas students. Our courses include undergraduate and postgraduate options, with some courses being provided in partnership with the Australian College of Christian Studies and the Sydney College of Divinity. 

PBC prides itself on the quality of our courses, boasting high academic excellence and rigorous programmes, and on the quality of the student experience. The College is consistently rated in the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey by our students as one of the top institutions of higher education. Our courses are designed to explore deeply whilst grounding our students in practical applications.

Explore the different pathway options available for students in applying for courses held at PBC, as well as course options.

Pathway Options

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Undergraduate Awards

Perth Bible College offers the following courses.

Designed to develop ministry skills, knowledge and understanding.

The award is designed to give a basic introduction to Biblical Studies and Theology, to enable the graduates to serve within their field of choice, including the areas of youth and children’s ministry, missions, social and pastoral care, creative ministry and teaching.

Provides the opportunity to study counselling or chaplaincy at an introductory level with a view to employment within a community, church or a parachurch context.

Designed to provide you with a solid Biblical foundation, basic communication skills and character development.

Together with a thorough grounding in the Scriptures and a basic knowledge of theology, this course also equips students to be effective workers within the local church or other Christian ministries.

Designed to offer students a solid biblical foundation as well as the flexibility for students to tailor their studies to meet their own particular fields of interest and also specialise in the ministry option of their choice.

ACCS Awards offered at PBC

The Bachelor of Counselling is a comprehensive biblically grounded and practically driven counselling course which equips students to bring significant and tangible change to the individual lives of those entrusted into their care. Upon course completion, graduates are eligible to become registered counsellors with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). This could lead to a career in professional or pastoral counselling.

Postgraduate Awards

Perth Bible College offers the following courses.

The course allows students to focus their training in any of the specialisation areas offered, enabling the student to tailor their Graduate Diploma in a direction to suit their particular vocational or ministry needs.

SCD Awards offered at PBC

The Master of Arts course is designed for those who hold a tertiary qualification in a theological discipline who wish to pursue a further qualification in theology as part of their continuing education for ministry.

Students will gain specialised knowledge and skills for research,  professional practice and for further learning through completing the Master of Arts program. The course will enable students to acquire an integrated understanding of an advanced field and equip students with the ability to apply such knowledge and skills in a theologically-related area.

The Master of Divinity course is designed for those who hold a tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline, who seek a comprehensive education in theology and the opportunity to partake in in-depth theological research; and is for those who those who hold a tertiary qualification in a theological discipline who wish to pursue a graduate qualification in theology as part of their continuing ministerial education.

The Master of Theology is a coursework program designed for those who hold at least a Bachelor of Theology (or equivalent); and who wish to pursue theological studies in greater depth by preparing them for independent postgraduate research at Doctorate level.

Graduates will have advanced knowledge and skills in relation to theology and its related disciplines, enabling them to undertake research, to engage in professional practice, and to continue life-long learning. Students are enabled to develop a deep and integrated understanding of an advanced body of knowledge in either one or more theologically related disciplines with a solid grasp of recent developments in those sub-disciplines.

Study Modes

Face to Face

Come on to the College campus and be present in the lectures.

Live Online Classes

Log on to the live stream to be present in the lecture whilst not being physically in the room.

Pre-recorded classes

Watch the recordings via the online learning management system.


Complete an entire unit in considerably less time than the standard semester.

Study Load

Full Time

3 to 4 units per semester

Part time

1 to 2 units per semester


This is study that does not lead to an accredited course.

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