Course Fees

Course Fees

The information on this page is current at the time of publishing. Please note that course fees increase each year.

Fees for 2023

CoursePer Unit
Diploma (per 3hr subject)$2420
Advanced Diploma (per 3hr subject)$2420
Bachelor (per 3hr subject)$2420
Graduate Diploma (per 3hr subject)$2780
Masters (per 3hr subject)$2780
PBC Audit Only$350
Professional Development (includes moodle and library access)$550
Miscellaneous Fees
Trimester Enrolment Fee$250
Full Time Student Amenities Fees (per Trimester)$50
Part Time Student Amenities Fee (per Trimester)$30
Overseas Application Fee$500
Transcript Fee (pre 2005)$60
Transcript Fee (post 2005)$30
Parchment Fee$60

Fees normally include library usage and three lunches each week, but do not include textbooks etc.

PBC is registered to offer FEE-HELP for eligible students.

FEE-HELPis a student loan scheme for which you may be eligible. To find out if you qualify visit:

For more detailed information please download the FEE-HELP Information Booklet.

Please take further note of the following important information before you proceed with an application:

Eligible students should complete a Request for FEE-HELP form via eCAF and indicate payment using FEE-HELP on each enrolment form. A link to the eCAF website will be emailed to you once the enrolment form has been submitted.

The spouse of a full-time student receives a 50% discount on their course fees if studying for credit.
The spouse of a full-time student can audit 2 subjects for free, and will then pay in full for extra audit units.
Staff and their families receive a 50% discount on their fees.

Available for students who wish to participate in the college maintenance program. $750 per semester.

These contracts enable students to subsidise their fees in exchange for performing certain maintenance duties on campus grounds. This includes duties such as the cleaning of the facilities and low-skilled gardening/grounds maintenance work.

There are a limited number of places available. For more information, please contact the College. 

Tuition fees can be paid in the following ways:

  • In full at the beginning of each semester. (Credit Card Payments add 2.5%)
  • Using FEE-HELP.
  • Part cash and part using FEE-HELP. (Credit Card Payments add 2.5%)

Please note that all other student fees and costs for text-books provided by PBC must be paid up-front. 

Students withdrawing prior to the census date (the end of week four) will receive a full refund.
Students who notify their withdrawal from a subject after the census date will receive no refund.

For more information, please see PBC’s Refund Policy.

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