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PBC offers a number of its units on a rotational basis. Below are the scheduled units for the next semester.  These units are scheduled in advance and may not reflect entirely the units offered in that semester. Timetables for next semester are available on the Student Portal.

A brief description of all units offered by PBC is available for Postgraduate units, as well as Undergraduate units. Full details of units, including content overviews and assessment items are available by contacting the office.

Semester 2, 2018

First Year / Diploma of Ministry

  • CE503: Theological Thinking and Writing
  • TH501: Introduction to Theology
  • NT502: Introduction to the New Testament B (Letters)
  • OT502: Introduction to the Old Testament B (Poets and Prophets)
  • PM502: Personal Ministry Formation
  • PM503: Personal Ministry Formation – Cambodia

Advanced Diploma of Ministry (Second and third year)

  • NT601: New Testament Studies A (Gospels: John)
  • CH601: The Church – Its History & Theology
  • CO603: Community Care as Pastoral Counselling
  • PA602: Pastoral Ministry
  • MI605: Local Church & Missions
  • SF601: Supervised Field Education A
  • SF602: Supervised Field Education B
  • CP607: Crisis Intervention & Trauma Counselling
  • CP608: Worldviews & Couneslling
  • CO606: Crisis Intervention & Trauma Counselling
  • CO607: Worldviews & Couneslling

Bachelor of Ministry (Second and Third Year)

  • BL702: Greek B
  • NT701: New Testament Studies A (Gospels: John)
  • CH701: The Church – Its History & Theology
  • CO703: Community Care as Pastoral Counselling
  • PA702: Pastoral Ministry
  • MI705: Local Church & Missions
  • SF701: Supervised Field Education A
  • SF702: Supervised Field Education B
  • SF705: SUpervised Field Education Mission
  • CP707: Crisis Intervention & Trauma Counselling
  • CP708: Worldviews & Couneslling
  • CO706: Crisis Intervention & Trauma Counselling
  • CO707: Worldviews & Couneslling

Bachelor of Social Science with ACCS provided by PBC

  • SC7102: Counselling Skills
  • MP7101: Spiritual Foundations for Christian Life
  • TA7101: Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
  • TS7102: Introduction to Christian Theology
  • SC7108: Worldviews & Counselling
  • CL7308: Crisis Intervention & Trauma Counselling

Graduate Diploma of Ministry

  • PM802: Personal & Ministry Formation B
  • TH801: Introduction to Theology
  • NT802: Introduction to the New Testament B (Letters)
  • OT802: Introduction to the Old Testament B (Poets & Prophets)


  • A8570: Greek B
  • B9605: Old Testament Theology
  • T8517: Ecclesiology
  • H9695: Issues in Church History and Theology
  • P9684: Supervised Ministry Practicum