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Perth Bible College utilises two different referencing styles, with the specific one to be used dependent on the course a student is enrolled in. In addition to the information held on this page, students can find more information on referencing in the Student Handbook

For all theological degrees, Perth Bible College follows the University of South Australia Harvard referencing system. A guideline for this referencing is available here: UniSA Referencing Guideline.

For counselling degrees, Perth Bible College follows the APA 7th Edition referencing system. For more information relating to this referencing style, please head to the APA website:

Referencing Software

To make referencing of assessment items easier we recommend the use of Zotero referencing software. The referencing style that corresponds to the PBC referencing guidelines is University of South Australia 2017 – Harvard which can be downloaded for Zotero. The APA 7 referencing style should be a default style installed with the software.

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