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The PBC Library is dedicated to the memory of the founding Principal of the college, Rev Carment Urquhart. The library is located adjacent to the foyer in the main administration building.

The library is well stocked with commentaries on every book of the Bible, as well as volumes covering all areas of Christian doctrine. Christian Biographies, Church Growth, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Counselling, Ethics, Church History and Missions are also included in the major classifications in the library. The Reference Collection contains, in addition to Bible commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and other research tools.

The library plays a vital role in the work of PBC and every student should take the time to learn how to use it well.  It will be needed for writing assignments, preparation of sermons, private research, and study for examinations.

Online Resources

The library offers access to multiple online collections. For eBooks, students have access to the EBSCO Religion Collection, offering over 9,000 books in the area of religion. Students can also access Perlego eBooks, providing unlimited access to 700,000+ academic and professional books from renowned publishers.

The library also provides students access to a range of online academic and professional journal collections. This includes:

Specific to counselling, PBC offers:

These online resources provide students with access to in-depth research capabilities, allowing them to excel in their studies and prepare them for potential further study pathways.

Library Membership

Membership is open to the public at the following rates

  • Pastors, Ministers, Full-time Ministry workers – Membership is available free of charge.
  • Students – Membership is available to PBC students and students of Murdoch University free of charge.  Membership rate for all other students is $52 per 12 months
  • General Public – Membership rate is $52 per 12 months

Operating Hours

The Library is accessible by all PBC students on a 24hr basis.  For all other library members the normal hours of operation are:

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

(closed on weekends and Public Holidays)

Library Plan

The library is divided into 5 main areas (see Library Floor Plan):

Access to Other Libraries

As part of Perth Bible College’s association with the Sydney College of Divinity through the Australian College of Christian Studies, students have access to SCD libraries around Australia. More information about SCD libraries can be found on the SCD Library website.

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