Searching for resilience in the face of Covid-19 – a short course

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Covid-19 has brought changes across society both locally and worldwide. As the pandemic continues to affect us all, this course offers a deeper than practical response. The sessions explore the inner spiritual attitudes that lead to the resilience necessary at this time.

This short course is for those affected by the pandemic including seniors and the many others who have experienced change brought on through employment and social stresses during this time. 

Course details: This is a short course held over four weeks and led by Rev. Peter Brain. One session is offered each week at the Perth Bible College from 10am to 11.45am each Thursday on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th June 2021 and will be available on zoom. The cost of the course is $100.

Key course features:

  • Thankfulness. The game breaker that sets us up for contentment, generosity, and un-grumpiness!
  • Forgiveness. Described as the most therapeutic idea in the whole world, forgiveness is essential in our relationship with God and others.
  • Contentment. A fruit of thankfulness and an outworking of trusting God, contentment must be worked at in our world of advertising, our acquisitive nature and envy of others.
  • Perseverance. In a culture that does not value long term commitment and is so easily influenced by whims and feelings, perseverance can save us from heartache and make us a real encouragement to those around us.

Session One (Thursday June 3)

  • Breaking through to thankfulness by contentment is explored Biblically and applied practically. Peter Brain will open up the benefits which enrich every relationship, transforming our local churches like nothing else.
  • Groups will offer the opportunity for participants to share the journey of thankfulness with each other exploring the lows and highs of thankfulness in a Covid stressed society.
  • Peter will draw together the essentials of thankfulness and its application for today.

Session Two (Thursday June 10):

  • The profoundly healing qualities of forgiveness both as a God-given privilege and a social essential will be shared. This session will show what forgiveness look like, along with its benefits and relation to other Biblical themes and their application from the Bible.
  • In groups the participants will have opportunity to share experiences and examples of the way the Biblical theme of forgiveness can be applied.
  • Peter will gather the group examples and responses and highlight the relational importance of forgiveness in our walk with the Lord.

Session Three (Thursday June 17):

  • How contentment emerges is explored in this study drawing on the threads of thankfulness and trust in God. Session three will explore the rich fruits of contentment that are commended by Scriptural exemplars and through Biblical teaching.
  • An opportunity will be given for participants to share in groups the experiences of contentment.
  • Peter will draw together the shared experiences and lay out a Biblical way forward for contentment to become an enduring reality in the midst of an anxious society.

Session Four (Thursday June 24):

  • Persevering in a culture that values short term goals and commitments will be explored as an alternative that is identified as a strong Biblical theme for Christian living.
  • Groups will be encouraged to reflect on Scriptural examples and share current experiences.
  • Peter will close the course with reflections from Scripture and life to show how the four attitudes complement each other and give essential and helpful capacities in a pandemic.

The Right Reverend Dr. Peter Brain is a former bishop  in the Anglican Church of Australia. Peter studied at Moore Theological College, and obtained a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his doctoral work led him to write a number of Christian books. Brain is married with four children.

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