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Perth Bible College, established in 1928, is an interdenominational evangelical Bible College in Perth, Western Australia which maintains a fine tradition of training men and women for ministry. PBC is a nationally accredited tertiary education institution providing higher education awards from undergraduate certificates to postgraduate level education in an environment of academic excellence that is Christ centred, Ministry focused and life transforming. You can best serve the applicant by answering all the questions thoughtfully and providing any further information you may find necessary. Your responses carry significant weight, and we appreciate your careful attention.

Social-Emotional Wellbeing

The success of the applicant in Christian ministry involves more than their academic abilities and intellectual capacity. Perth Bible College is committed to each student and recognises that this is a season of development in all areas of the students life. Therefore, PBC is interested in the spiritual, emotional and social aspects of the applicants life. Please rate the candidate by checking the appropriate indicator. If you are uncertain or have had no opportunity to observe a specific behaviour, please check, "do not know".


Perseverance and Reliability


Social and Emotional Skills

Social and Emotional Concerns