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Sydney College of Divinity provides a variety of postgraduate courses at Perth Bible College as a campus of Australian College of Christian Studies (which is a member of SCD). The Sydney College of Divinity operates as a leading theological provider, offering high quality, accredited awards to equip people for effective professional research and ministry in a rapidly changing environment. All students who are Australian citizens can access FEE-HELP and full-time students may be eligible for Austudy.

Coursework Awards

Master of Arts

Information of the Master of Arts is available from the SCD Website.

Master of Divinity

Information on the Master of Divinity is available from the SCD website.

Master of Theology

Information on the Master of Theology is available from the SCD website.

Research Awards

The following research courses are offered by Sydney College of Divinity and some PBC staff are registered as potential supervisors of these awards. Further information on SCD research awards is available from the SCD website.


Doctoral Studies

PhD in Theology

Perth Bible College (PBC) through its partnership with South African Theological Seminary (SATS) is now able to make available the SATS PhD in Theology. The doctorate is fully accredited and internationally recognised. The PhD programme is designed to raise up leaders, scholars, and practical theologians in various fields of Christian Ministry. The programme is research based, fully online, and provides the opportunity for theological research at the highest level.

Entry Requirement

Applicants for the PhD must have achieved excellent results in a relevant, accredited master’s degree.


Candidates can choose the area of their research and work under the guidance of supervisors specialising in the same fields of research.

Course Structure

The PhD is a thesis of between 80,000 and 100,000 words. The programme is divided into five phases taken normally over 4 years full time and around 6 years part time:


Includes registration, orientation, exploring focus and methods, and identifying a research concept.

Research Proposal

Comprises compiling and submitting a formal research proposal under the guidance of a supervisor specialising in the chosen field of research.

Thesis 1st half

Once the research proposal is approved, the candidate can proceed with research and writing the first half of the thesis, and submit a progress report.

Thesis 2nd half

The candidate finishes the thesis ready for submission.


The draft thesis is submitted for examination and the required improvements are made.


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