Perth Bible College’s academic year consists of two 15 week semesters, comprised of 2 study weeks and 13 weeks of lectures. The College year commences in February and concludes in early December. Each semester has a two week mid-semester break, with a four week vacation break in between the two semesters, in July. These breaks coincide with school holidays in Western Australia. There is also a student retreat held in first semester each year. Most subjects and College activities are held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, leaving the rest of the week for study, family time or part-time work.

Important Dates 2016

Occasion Date
Orientation Day Monday, February 22
Semester 1 Commences Monday, February 22
Census Date Friday, March 24
Semester Concludes Friday, June 24
Mid Year Break Monday, June 27 – Friday, July 29
Semester 2 Commences Monday, August 1
Census Date Friday, August 26
Semester Concludes Thursday, November 24
End of Year Dinner Thursday, December 1

Changes to Enrolment:

After the Census Date, any change of enrollment will appear on the transcript of the student.  Census date is the Friday of week four of the current semester. The following table outlines the transcript entry and financial obligations of students changing enrollments after census date:

Withdrawal Week Transcript Entry Fees Payable
During Wks 1-4 Nil $250/unit (not applicable to VET Students)
During Wks 5-10 Withdrawn Full Fees
During Wks 11-13 Withdrawn Fail Full Fees

Additional Subjects: Can be added up to end of Week 3

Subject Transfers: Can be made up to end of Week 3