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Course Enrolment Details

Unit Enrolment Details

Please select the units in which you wish to enrol, and the study mode for each unit. Students should check that all pre-requisites and other requirements have been fulfilled before enrolling in advanced units.

Other Fees

Please consult the Perth Bible College Handbook/Website for a full statement regarding financial information. A summary of this information appears below. All questions are to be directed to the PBC Office.
This voluntary fee enables the student council to provide necessary services to students.

Note that this cannot be deferred via FEE-HELP.
Students are able to apply for a student work contract to subsidise their fees by performing certain duties around the campus. Students completing a work contract receive a subsidy of $750 per semester towards their fees. If you wish to apply, please complete a Work Contract Subsidy Form.
Students should be aware that fees are not refunded nor are loan debts remitted upon withdrawal from units after the Census date for the specific unit. [Note: The information regarding the circumstances under which remission of debt is applicable is available in the FEE-HELP booklets]. A summary of the College’s refund policy for students is available from the office or online at www.pbc.wa.edu.au.
Withdrawal WeekTranscript EntryPenalty
During Weeks 1–4NilNil
During Weeks 5-10W - WithdrawalFull Fees
During Weeks 11-13WF - Withdrawn FailFull Fees
Census Date: Friday, 26 Aug 2022

Payment Details

Students must either make full payment or complete a Request for FEE-HELP.

Students may choose to pay their tuition fee upfront, defer the payment of their tuition fee through FEE-HELP (Australian Citizens only), or defer a portion through FEE-HELP and pay a portion upfront. FEE-HELP is a contingent loan which becomes repayable when a graduate earns a specified income level. Please consult PBC’s website or the Going To Uni website: www.goingtouni.gov.au . If you are choosing to defer all or part of your tuition fee through a FEE-HELP loan you, will receive an eCaf Form from the government. You MUST return a completed eCaf Form before census date, or you will not be able to defer any of the tuition fees through FEE-HELP. International students are not eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and should refer to the International Student Handbook.
$ 0.00
Please note that some fees cannot be deferred via FEE-HELP.

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