Dementia Seminar: Pastoral Care for Sufferers, Primary Carers and Other Loved Ones

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Dementia is a heartbreaking reality in the lives of 459,000 Australians. Forward projections are alarming, and unless a cure can be found the number of sufferers will reach 590,000 by 2028. In light of this, we must recognise that effective pastoral care to the sufferers of Dementia and their loved ones is essential.

This seminar will be presented by the Reverend James Ward and is designed to inform and assist chaplains, pastoral care workers, bible college students, and pastors to provide an effective pastoral care ministry to dementia sufferers, their primary carers and other loved ones.

You will learn:

– The WHAT of Dementia including the phases a sufferer passes through, and the multiple problems each phase presents.

– The HOW of Dementia: How can one make the most of an appropriate and effective pastoral care visit to a dementia sufferer.  You will be introduced to an altered methodological approach from conventional models of pastoral care visiting and will look at 3 key elements to that end.

– The WHY of pastoral care to the dementia sufferer and suggest a theological grounding for doing so.

– You WILL discover how to best provide support, encouragement and loving comfort to primary carers and other loved ones in a tangible and meaningful way.

Reverend James Ward has been in ministry for over 30 yrs. He has pastored 3 churches, served 10 years as an Aged Care Chaplain, followed by 10 years of service as a Chaplain at the Hollywood Private Hospital. Concurrent with the latter, James was Honorary Chaplain to the Alzheimer’s Assoc. of WA from 2003 to end 2014. As a result of this experience he became a passionate advocate for sufferers of Dementia and their families and as a pastoral carer is well versed in the area of those suffering from the disease and the implications for their loved ones.

 James has also presented papers in this field at National Conferences and has conducted many seminars on “Pastoral Care to Dementia Sufferers, their Primary Carers and Other Loved Ones” He is married to Sandra, enjoys the company of his extended family, and is a lover of cricket and rugby union.

This seminar will be hosted at Perth Bible College on July 27, 2020 commencing at 6pm. The total cost is $20 for the night with a light supper provided for our attendees. Please complete the form below to reserve your spot and make your payment by clicking the donate button here or make a payment via bank transfer (please include your name).

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