Crisis Intervention and Trauma Counselling

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Crisis is unexpected, sudden and extreme, it may happen to anyone, and if not handled well may lead to significant mental health issues. Crisis intervention and responding to trauma is therefore unique as it aims to reduce the effects on long term mental health and personal well-being. This unit will provide a sound understanding of the skills, strategies and techniques for counselling traumatised people, and to apply knowledge and skills in practical situations.

A theological response to trauma and crisis will be explored together with the role of the counsellor in a range of contexts. Managing our own and the client’s emotional response whilst supporting clients through difficulties may result in seeing the beauty arise from the ashes. Perth Bible College is offering this unit in semester two, 2018, commencing on July 30 and may be accredited as an elective for a range of PBC courses and may be audited (sit in class with out doing assessments).

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