Corona Virus Update

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We have set out to try and replicate the experience you gain by attending lectures, through opting to live-stream all our courses. Live streaming will enable you to participate actively in the in-class discussions through the use of your computer from home. We will be using an easy-to-use programme called Zoom. Downloading the application and logging on is a straightforward process, and we will tutor you to ensure that no one misses out. We will also record the video and audio of the classes and put them on PBCOnline if you should miss out on attending due to difficult circumstances you may face.  You will soon receive instructions to help prepare you for participating in this new way.

Our decision to switch to online Zoom classes is a way of communicating to the world that we will do our best to ensure that the pandemic does not grow and spread through us. Your decision to continue with your studies despite these difficulties is part of the church’s resistance to evil and suffering in this world. We pray that your theological education at PBC will thrive and flourish despite the adverse conditions we are currently facing. There is never a better time to stick close to the Lord and to continue to do his will than when we face possible suffering and hardship.