Called to Bless: Considering an Under-appreciated Aspect of “Doing Good” in 1 Peter 3:8–17 by Dr.David Shaw

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This article investigates the notion of mission as blessing in 1 Peter 3:8–17. Drawing on insights from both Social Identity Theory (SIT) and Narrative Transportation Theory (NTT), David considers how the use of Old Testament quotations and allusions are deployed in such a way as to subvert normal social identity processes by exhorting the recipients of 1 Peter to pursue a life oriented towards blessing one’s opponents through the refusal to retaliate; the pursuit of holistic well-being; and the willingness to defend the hope of one’s faith.

First published in Biblical Theology Bulletin Volume 50 Number 1 Pages 161–173 © The Author(s), 2020. DOI: 10.1177/0146107920934701