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Making a Donation

Would you like to support Perth Bible College through a monetary donation? We accept online donations through paypal for our Intenational Mission Teams, the library, scholarship and general donations.

If you’d rather not use PayPal, but would rather do a direct deposit, setup a direct debit, or use a cheque please complete the PBC Giving Form and send it to the college.

General College Donation

General College Donations are donations that are provided to Perth Bible College without there being any specific purpose for which the donor would like the donation to be utilised for. As such, these donations are spent at the discretion of the College. Common areas where these type of donations go towards include general maintenance of campus grounds and facilities; College events, such as the Graduation Ceremony; budgeted projects, such as the development of the new website; upgrading of equipment, such as increasing the College’s online learning capacity; and refurbishments, such as the redesign of the reception foyer.

Library Donation

Maintaining the College library is essential for upholding the academic standards of the College. Donations towards the library are used across a range of areas, from ensuring students have access to computers and study areas, to providing students with the most up to date learning resources, both physical resources and online resources. Your donation to this area will assist the College in providing students with the necessary resources for them to succeed.

Student Scholarship Fund

Many students in Australia and around the world cannot afford to pay for the training they seek. To provide financial assistance to students in need, the College has created the Student Scholarship Fund. Students are able to apply for financial assistance, providing them with much needed relief whilst still allowing them to pursue their educational goals. Donations into this fund go directly towards students’ tuition fees.

International Missions Teams

IMT aims to send training teams to encourage and build up Christian leaders in under-resourced partner networks across the world.

In many places around the world the gospel has taken root and there are a growing number of churches. However, in many areas, especially in the rural or poverty affected areas of developing countries, the local Christians do not have access to pastoral and leadership training that is essential to ensure the growth and future of the churches. It is this specific need that PBC is seeking to address through the IMT initiative.


Bequests can be made to the College for the specific purposes decided upon by the one leaving the bequest. Due to the nature of this type of donation, we ask that people wishing to leave a bequest to the College contact us directly rather than donating online.

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