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Open Day: Saturday, 22nd October, 2016 2-4pm



Join us for Perth Bible College’s annual Open Day: Saturday, 22nd October, 2016 from 2-4pm.

Meet lecturers and current students.

Also share afternoon tea, and a special lecture on “The Importance of Inter-denominational ministry” @3pm

Contact, PBC at +61 (08) 9243 2000, or email

Open Day Prize: Register your interest and attend the forum to be eligible for $1000 off first semester enrolment costs as a new student.*


What is Ecclesiastes all about?

The team at The Bible Project are churning out some great work!

Advice for Bible College Students

If you are thinking about, or are already attending a Bible college, this post by Kevin DeYoung hits the spot. Here’s a small teaser:

1. Get involved in the local church. Star this one. Underline it. Put it in italics and don’t forget. The seminary exists to serve the church. You are in seminary, presumably, because you desire to be a servant in the church. So don’t neglect the very reason you are where you are. Find a good church. Get plugged in. Get mentored. Volunteer (and not just for teaching and preaching). If you go through seminary without pursuing deep relationships and practical ministry opportunities in the local church you are doing it wrong.

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Is it “all Greek to you”?

BRUSH UP YOUR GREEK AND ENRICH YOUR PREACHING: For all Pastors who have let their Greek slide, come and join the Greek Review and Reading Class at Perth Bible College.

In this class we will be working through Dobson’s inductive approach to learning Greek to recap on some possibly lost knowledge. We will also be looking at some translation theory.

By reading the text in class and utilising free electronic software that employs Louw and Nida’s Semantic Greek Lexicon, students will be equipped to do a structural analysis of the original text. This is a great opportunity to press “reset” on your use of Greek. PBC will allow you to attend as an audit student, meaning that it will only cost you a minimal amount.

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PBC is still accepting enrollments for second semester 2016. We would love to have you join us.

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